What's up Yall my name is Jake and over the years I have learned that holisitc health is much more than a perfect exercise routine or a well balanced diet. While learning to deal with my own struggles, striving to maximize my potential and building a happier and healthier life. I have developed a set of philosophies known as the TriAffect. If consistently applied in your daily life these philosophies will help you discover, design and live the life of your dreams.

My parents divorced when I was 5 and I quickly found myself growing up in a blended family with 8 siblings. With all of the changes and new personalities I had to learn quickly how to adapt. I faced a lot of struggles financially, socially, and emotionally and wound up living in 9 different places between the ages of 5 and 18. As early as elementary school I can remember learning to deal with anxiety, lack of confidence, manic, depression, and addiction. As many of you know challenges like these are not fun or easy, but I believe you always have the ability to seek out the positive in any situation. Throughout my journey I was practically forced to develop the characteristics and methods that would help me to be one of the most passionate, motivated and optimistic people you will ever meet.


As a child I was aesthetically and athletically inferior to most children and couldn't focus in school for more than a few minutes. Because of this I developed many insecurities, didn't do well in school and became somewhat of a bully for a lot of my childhood. These insecurities left me operating solely off of ego and basic instincts up until I was fed up and set out to discover the real me at the age of 27. I learned quickly that I needed to review my ideals, goals, feelings, beliefs, intentions and path in life completely. I needed an overhaul and it took some extreme measures, but I would NEVER turn back. I learned the power of our minds and I developed a totally new way of living. This is the basis for the Mind philosophy of TriAffect.


While facing a consistently chaotic home life I discovered the control and satisfaction exercise can provide. Exercise seemed to be the only thing in my life I had complete control over and it always made me feel accomplished and successful. It still does to this day! Along with general exercise, I also began to play competitive team sports in 3rd grade and found out that you could really count on those around you if you were willing to be vulnerable and hold up your end of the bargain. This helped me to build my philosophy of keeping myself motivated and engaged by building or joining a team of like minded people who will both motivate and support each other without judgement or ridicule. This is the basis for the Body philosophy of TriAffect.


There has always been something in my life that kept me pushing toward my true path, but it took me forever to discover it. This force that kept pushing me was my soul and I discovered my mind had never been quiet enough and my body had never been well enough to let my soul lead the way. Over the past few years while fighting to grasp and understand the path my life had taken, I discovered that this journey could never be fulfilling unless my Body, Mind and Soul were all in harmony. Once I was able to consistently tap into what my soul was telling me, I started living life in HD. This is the basis for the Soul philosophy of TriAffect.


Your story may not look like mine and you might not have any of the same aspirations as I do, but we all have the same basic human needs and many of these needs aren't being met within our current consumer driven lifestyles.


Exercise Science, AS


International Sports Sciences Association: Master Fitness Trainer

  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Specialist in Senior Fitness
  • Specialist In Exercise Therapy
  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
  • Specialist in Strength and Conditioning
  • Specialist in Youth Fitness
Functional Aging Institute:Certified Functional Aging Specialist
Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning: Certified Functional Strength Coach
Training for Warriors: Certified Level 1 Coach
National Academy of Speed and Explosion: Level 1 Certified Speed Specialist
United States Coast Guard: Unit Health Promotion Coordinator